Don’t worry. My standards are even higher than yours.

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Individuals and Small Businesses

You're an entrepreneur. A thought leader. You have a project to complete, an idea to deliver, a business to grow. You want to work closely with someone who gets stuff done, all with a positive attitude. You need a sounding board that speaks your language and understands your big picture and larger goals. You need someone to help keep you on track, to break down your work into accomplishable goals, to help you get to where you need to be. You’re looking for the freedom to craft your big picture goals while someone else deals with the details.

How I help:

  • Eliminate redundant or repetitive work

  • Streamline workflows, client documents, create consistency in process

  • Create project plans for launches, reorganization, and special projects

  • Free up more time for you to do the creative work you do best

  • Set up social media content plans

  • Anticipate your needs before it becomes an emergency

  • Be your right hand (wo)man.

Institutions and Non-Profits

You need more than a project manager. You want to maximize your community, implement a new strategic plan, boost your leadership profile. You’re looking for someone who can look at the overall goal and break it down into executable parts. You need a content strategy that works across channels, from someone who has a proven track record of results in both print and digital media. You need to put in place processes and procedures that streamline your work and maximize your effectiveness. You’re approaching a milestone or anniversary and you’re looking to boost your communications efforts.

How I help:

  • Create and nurture vendor relationships

  • Establish production schedules, organize deadlines, and usher a project from brainstorm to completion

  • Create cross-channel content strategy

  • Bring multiple departments and groups together on a clearly defined plan

  • Set expectations and responsibilities

  • Remind you that big project is not as overwhelming as it seems



I’ve worn several hats throughout my career, making me uniquely positioned to help deliver your big idea to the world. While these are my key offerings, I’m willing and able to take on any special need you may have. Additional services are available upon request.

Systems Audit

There’s a better way to do your work. If your current systems just aren’t effective, or if you’re feeling like you’re pulled too thin, a systems audit is good for new, growing, and established companies. We’ll examine your current workflow, identify pain points, and work together to develop systems and procedures that work best for your unique needs. For $2,000, that process, through to implementation and follow-up, takes roughly 10 - 15 hours based on your needs. For $500, I also offer a two month follow-up service, where I’ll check in every other week to see how things are working, and troubleshoot any issues that may have come up.

Special Project Management

Good project management comes from good strategy. I’ll be there from start to finish every step of the way to help develop and advance strategy, create schedules, manage vendor relationships, arrange photography, identify internal stakeholders, manage your budget, facilitate reviews, and anything else involved in your publication, book, milestone campaign, branding roll-out, or other special project. Cost will be determined by project needs and is based on an hourly fee.


We’ll work closely together to help make sense of all the different aspects of what makes your business work. I specialize in developing systems, acting as a sounding board, collaborating on how best to deliver your work, and taking care of the big projects so that you’re free to keep delivering those big ideas. We’ll determine together a set amount of hours per week needed to accomplish your business goals, and you’ll have a monthly flat fee.  

VA work—calendaring, inbox management, travel plans, household management, and personal assistant work are generally not part of this, but, I am more than willing to help set you up with people who can, and help to establish processes to manage their work.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a key communications tool that too often gets overlooked or forgotten. Good social strategy is more than just posting occasionally. I can help you develop a comprehensive social strategy—from ongoing and regular content plans to specific campaign promotions. I’ll work with you to make sense of your needs and develop a strategy that works for you, and determine a monthly fee based on those needs.


With over a decade working in higher education and special interest areas I have extensive experience in copywriting for print, social, and web. You can see examples of some of my pieces here, and here (additional examples available upon request).


If you give something to Jen, it gets done, full stop. And not only that, she gets the way *I* would do it — or even better. I couldn’t run my business, or my life, without her.
— Tamsen Webster, Founder and Chief Message Strategist, Find the Red Thread
Our work demands specific details and good planning, and Jen was excellent at providing both. Our projects together were successful both because the information was timely and correct, and because Jen’s communications and interactions were positive and encouraging, making us want to work all the harder on her behalf.
— David Mitchell, Sales Representative, J.S. McCarthy Printers

About me

Engineer of Creative Systems

For over a decade, I've worked with complex, high-impact organizations to envision, invent, and test creative communications strategies that drive results and deliver impact.

What excites me the most about any job is working in the space between a big idea and implementation. It’s more than just getting a project from start to finish. It’s engineering creative systems— determining the right strategy, acting as a sounding board, encouraging creativity, and building relationships. It’s more than executing—it’s providing the critical thinking to improve the impact of the final product.

It’s about exceeding expectations, not just delivering on tasks.

I approach everything I do with three basic principles: collaborate, excel, and uplift.


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